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Spring releases and stuff.

In recent weeks several of our artists have released some awesome records. We’d like to congradulate Turtle Folk on their first full length release of Higher Plan, The Trainwrecks on their second kicking album Saddle Up, Niche on birthing the rocking So Be It and the soon to be released full length by Soap.




Turtle Folk


Already several of our remote recordings of the 2011 Savannah Music Festival have been showing up on NPR which can be streamed here: SMF Radio The Punch Brothers and Ballake Sissoko shows were highlights for us and they are ready to stream now.

Some links for the New Year!

Last year a camera crew and Gregg Allman’s crew came into EBS to shoot and track some of the tunes off his upcoming record, the studio and our audio work are featured in this one:

Gregg Allman video

The video is part of a pre-release special at “Hittin The Note” and the cool special can be found here:

pre release special

Another cool Savannah Music Festival show was aired on NPR last year and here’s the link to the most amazing show put on by The Renaud Garcia Fons trio in 2010:

Renaud Trio Link

Spring is rocking.

It’s been a busy spring here at EBS we’ve completed EPs for Cusses, Julie Wilde and the Bohemian Band, Mass Plastic, Shoestrings and are currently in the final stages of tracking of the Trainwrecks second album. At the mix stage April will be all about Eric Culberson’s new disc, an acoustic platter from Jefferson Fox and a slew of amazing shows from the Savannah Music Festival.

Rocktober and beyond!

The fall has been busy at EBS, we’ve had some amazing sessions and many great times with some amazing artists. Rocktober saw the tracking of Unnamed, Black Tusk and Dead Yet? with Scary at the console. Tracking continued on the Eric Culberson and Trainwrecks albums, they’ve been busy playing gigs and we’ve been squeezing sessions in when we can, the one thing we can guarantee is that it’s gonna be well worth the wait.

During the middle of rocktober we finished up Jeff Shroeders first cd and started pre-production on Eric Britt’s new project. Rod Gonsalez laid down an EP worth of rhythm tracks in record time and we loaded up April Kelly’s tracks so we can finish overdubs and mixing on her solo debut.