We produce and engineer a wide variety of music at EBS. Check out some of our work playing on EBS Radio (sidebar) and different genres below.

Now Playing on EBS Radio (sidebar)

“Brand New Day” by The Trainwrecks, written by Marcus Kuhlman
“High Expectations” by Luke Mitchell, featuring EBS studio musicians
“Came On In” by Kevin F. Rose, vocals by Kristina Train of Bluenote Records


“Circle The Sun” by The Flight Out
“Goin’ Under” by Argyle
“For Real” by Wormsloew
“Something Happened to You” by Jenbeast


“Mi Tierra” by Mariza
“Kora Instrumental” by Toumani Diabate
“Pen Knife Killer” by Mike Marshall Daryl Anger and Vasen
“Let There Be Peace In My Mind” by Vusi and Bela Fleck


“Let Em Make a Fool Outta Me” by Marty Stuart
“No Expectations” by The Biscuit Burners
“Honkey Tonk” by Superhorse
“How To Grow A Woman From the Ground” by The Punch Brothers
“Whiskey Ain’t My Friend No More” by The Trainwrecks


“Joyride” by Port City Music
“Epic” by Blackwurm
“Distaste for Mediocrity” by Irony 9