Rocktober and beyond!

The fall has been busy at EBS, we’ve had some amazing sessions and many great times with some amazing artists. Rocktober saw the tracking of Unnamed, Black Tusk and Dead Yet? with Scary at the console. Tracking continued on the Eric Culberson and Trainwrecks albums, they’ve been busy playing gigs and we’ve been squeezing sessions in when we can, the one thing we can guarantee is that it’s gonna be well worth the wait.

During the middle of rocktober we finished up Jeff Shroeders first cd and started pre-production on Eric Britt’s new project. Rod Gonsalez laid down an EP worth of rhythm tracks in record time and we loaded up April Kelly’s tracks so we can finish overdubs and mixing on her solo debut.

Novemeber has seen some wonderful moments, Matt Wesley’s tracking is finally complete and Kevin’s happy to get to the mix stage but sad because of all of the wonderful times and talent that have been a part of the tracking process. A wonderful cast of players went into Matt’s record: Matt Collette on drums, Ryan on bass, Steve (sure I can do that) Gerard on guitars, Ricardo Ochoa and Lise Nelson on violin and cello, Mike LaBombard on Sax and Matt holding it all down on keys, guitars and vocals. We’re also finishing up tracking for Bob paredi’s dixieland project which will also be featued in “The Last Song.”

Look for an EBS merch shop link in the future, let us know what types of things you’d like to see available, we’re sure to have organic cotton onesies so little Zorn can wear some EBS colors.

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