EBS Tracking Room
Elevated Basement Studio is Savannah’s premiere artist-friendly recording facility. For 15 years, EBS has been the studio of choice for local, national, and international artists across -and sometimes between- all manner of genres.

From jazz and blues to classical; from folk, bluegrass and country to rock; from R&B to hip-hop and from punk to metal, EBS is a destination for both famed, established acts and those just starting their journey.

With a large tracking area, four acoustic isolation booths, and a control room decked in purple velvet (filled with up-to-date digital and analog gear), our 1,000 square-foot studio will fuel your creativity and promote an efficient workflow.

We exist solely to help inspire your very best performances – and capture them for posterity with stunning fidelity.

At Elevated Basement Studio, we combine visionary production work and highly accomplished audio engineering skills with state-of-the-art recording gear and an impressive array of vintage (and highly sought-after) instruments, mics and amplifiers.

Our full range of professional services include: tracking, editing mixing and mastering – plus, we maintain close working relationships with a wide range of the region’s most talented and versatile session musicians, to help make your demos or finished tracks all they can be.


  • Full service: tracking, editing, mixing, producing, mastering, and engineering
  • Remix services
  • Session musician recording
  • Voice over and looping work with sound design
  • Location recording from clubs to cathedrals and living rooms to theaters
  • Audio restoration – We can clean up your old vinyl and transfer them to CD.
  • DVD authoring

Standard Rates

  • Hourly rate: $65
  • Day rate: $500
  • Project rate: Get in touch with us about your project and we’ll work to design a plan that is as cost effective and flexible as possible.

To book time a 50% non-refundable deposit (if cancelled under 7 days) is required.


  • Kevin F. Rose: Owner, engineer, mix engineer and producer. Kevin is an accomplished guitarist, percussion guy and electronic musician.
  • Shane Baldwin: Engineer, guitarist and a black belt in marshal arts and Marshall stacks.