Control Room

Control Room

With a large tracking area, four acoustic isolation booths, and a control room decked in purple velvet (filled with up-to-date digital and analog gear), our 1,000 square-foot studio will fuel your creativity and promote an efficient workflow.

We exist solely to help inspire your very best performances – and capture them for posterity with stunning fidelity.

At Elevated Basement Studio, we combine visionary production work and highly accomplished audio engineering skills with state-of-the-art recording gear and an impressive array of vintage (and highly sought-after) instruments, mics and amplifiers.

Our full range of professional services include: tracking, editing mixing and mastering – plus, we maintain close working relationships with a wide range of the region’s most talented and versatile session musicians, to help make your demos or finished tracks all they can be.

Elevated Blog

music & recording from a project perspective

Spring releases and stuff.

In recent weeks several of our artists have released some awesome records. We'd like to congradulate Turtle Folk on their first full length release of Higher Plan, The Trainwrecks on their second kicking album Saddle Up, Niche on birthing the rocking So Be It and the soon to be released ... Read more

Some links for the New Year!

Last year a camera crew and Gregg Allman's crew came into EBS to shoot and track some of the tunes off his upcoming record, the studio and our audio work are featured in this one: Gregg Allman video The video is part of a pre-release special at "Hittin The Note" and the ... Read more

Fall 2010.

After sending the Julie Wilde and Eric Culberson mixes off to mastering we took a couple hours off then wrapped the Soap and Byron Hatcher Band album mixes as well. Brokn Tyme and Turtle Folk have been tracking like crazy with Brokn Tyme sitting in the mix cue and ... Read more

Summer is Hot!

The studio has been buzzing all spring and summer and we're excited about all the stuff we've recently wrapped up and what we're working on now. The Eric Culberson record is in final mix tweaks this week, The Trainwrecks are one session from wrapping tracking, The Byron Hatcher Band ... Read more