Fall 2010.

After sending the Julie Wilde and Eric Culberson mixes off to mastering we took a couple hours off then wrapped the Soap and Byron Hatcher Band album mixes as well.
Brokn Tyme and Turtle Folk have been tracking like crazy with Brokn Tyme sitting in the mix cue and ready to roll out. We’ve been hard at work on Masi’s mix tape and the final touches are going on in the other room as I type this.
We’d like to send kudos out to the Trainwrecks on the fine job they did warming up the capacity Johnny Mercer Theater crowd for BB King. It was great to see them on the big stage and handling it with ease.
Shane’s been mixing up the Benjamin Fontenot and Canebreaks tracks and we’re getting close to installing all the cool stuff he’s got.
We’ve been doing some remote recording for the Savannah Children’s Choir, various churches and Scary is tracking the free Baroness show tomorrow night.
Gotta run, time to mix.

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