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End of Summer EBS news

Plenty of stuff happening at EBS these days, we’re excited to have Chris “Scary” Adams join us as the newest EBS engineer. He’s already been working on Damon and the Sh*tkickers demo and assisting on several other projects. Welcome Chris, awesome to have you aboard.

This summer some great stuff kicked off: Eric Culberson started his new record, the tunes and performances are surpassing the high bar Eric set on his last two records. Matt Wesley from Wormsloew has been working on a solo record and we’ve both been bringing in a great cast of characters to augment his songs and multi-instrumental abilities. September also saw the kick off of the Trainwrecks second record and as usual they tested our abilities to track a well heeled hard working band live off the floor like the Stones used to. 16 basic tracks in under two days!